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In Black & White

July 4, 2011

In our last post, we explored various color schemes, variations and combinations to help create options for your big day hue. But if you really can’t decide, why not go black and white? It’s elegant, classic and will always be on trend.

Your invitations are a great place to start with your black and white theme. Choose to keep them simple with a white or ivory cardstock printed in scripted black font, or go bold with big characters or decorative motifs.

 Having your bridesmaids don black frocks will allow them to purchase a dress they can definitely use again. Better yet, request each of your maids wear a solid black dress they already have in their possession and then purchase matching black shoes (or red, if you want a spot of color) for them to wear—this provides a little bit of unity amongst the different dress looks. Groomsmen won’t complain at having to wear traditional tuxedos or suits and ties!

Centerpieces and floral décor doesn’t have to be a bore. Take advantage of unique flowers that come in a near-black shade, or have black centers. Florists can also dye flowers to match your color scheme, as well. If you want to stick with all-white arrangements, bring in some black with satin ribbon tied around your bouquet or use black votive candle holders or vases on tables.

 Ready to get the party started? Call Wedding Belles Consultants today to begin!

Finding Your Color Combo

July 1, 2011

There’s an endless color wheel of options when it comes to selecting your big day hues; and the choices can be a bit intimidating if you’re starting from scratch. But Wedding Belles Consultants shares a few pointers—and some gorgeous color-coordinated inspiration boards—to get the creative wheels turning for your upcoming nuptials!

 If you don’t have a favorite color that makes it simple to use the right shade for your wedding, start with the season. If you’re getting hitched in the summer time, bright colors rock the house. Coral, yellows, neon pink, turquoise, stark white, and stunning purples are all on the board for the season. But don’t combine them all together! Select pairings that seem to complement your overall theme. Pictured below, from top to bottom: a fuchsia palette, turquoise hues and a citrus-themed inspiration board.



A wedding color scheme doesn’t always have to be based on a color, per say. Sometimes hues naturally come together through an overall theme—say, Victorian or vintage or modern and chic. Here’s an inspiration for each, respectively, to give you some, well, inspiration!



Hopefully these spark your creative juices for your big day color combo. Just remember Wedding Belles is here to help! Contact us today to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Six Ways to Accessorize a Summer Wedding: Part 3

June 28, 2011

In the last of our summer wedding accessories series, we cover two of the most important parts of any big day: cakes and display tables! With these easy suggestions, you’ll be flying high for your summertime nuptials in no time.

 5.) Have fun with your cake!
It’s the main attraction during your reception—guests love nothing more than to ogle gorgeous cakes as they arrive. Make yours the talk of the evening by thinking outside the box and considering unique summer-worthy ways of implementing the season. Lemonade is a popular hot-weather drink, so use lemons as a motif for your tiers! Or get really funky and craft a cupcake tower, but use items like mini clay pots or sandcastle buckets to hold the sweet treats.


6.) Display the display table.
Whether it’s for your guest book signing, gift table, card box, cake table or an arrangement of framed photos, display tables are a super easy way to captive guest’s attention and promote your theme. Color coordinating all the items on display—like the cake with the candies, or the guest book with the flowers—will pack an extra punch. Don’t be afraid to get bold!










That concludes our summer wedding accessories series… When you’re ready to tie the knot, call Wedding Belle Consultants!  We’re here for you any time of year.



Six Ways to Accessorize a Summer Wedding: Part 2

June 25, 2011

We continue our series on how to best accessories a bright and cheery summer wedding with easy additions and options that will make you smile in the sunshine.

 3.) Pick up a bright clutch.

Bridal jewelry often follows a close trend of crystals, diamonds and pearls—but your clutch that you carry post-ceremony doesn’t have to be lacking in the color department. Coral, turquoise and canary yellow are all beautiful summer hues that can beautifully accent your gown. For even more fun, match your clutch to your shoes or earrings!

4.) Create a summer photo booth.

Photo booths are a great addition to a wedding, but they don’t always have to consist of a simple photo booth and silly props. Consider stringing up a crisp white sheet and supplying fun accessories like oars, sailor caps, sunglasses, buoys and even the frame of an old sail boat. Guests will have a whale of a good time!

Next up for Wedding Belles Consultants is the final part of our series covers summer cakes and display tables! Don’t miss it!

Six Ways to Accessorize a Summer Wedding: Part 1

June 23, 2011

At Wedding Belles Consultants, creativity is key. We also know that the big picture relies on the little details to complete it, and what better way to do that than with fun summer-inspired accessories? Browse our top tips for creating a sizzling soiree your guests will rave about for months after.

1.) Set your tables a bloom.

There’s nothing that shouts “Summer!” more than bright, cheery centerpieces when you walk into the reception. Give some thought to obvious summer flowers—petals that people generally associate with that time of year—like sunflowers, blue bonnets and wild flowers. On a tight budget? Oversized arrangements aren’t always necessary. Pinpoint the blossoms you want to use and use just a handful for each arrangement, letting their shape or color do the talking. Or use filler, like tropical green leaves or baby’s breath, to add volume without the hefty price tag. Lastly, you can also place various shaped vases on the table for variety (or get creative and use antique watering cans or other fun items) to showcase your flowers and also make a statement.

2.) Nab bright napkins.

Aside from centerpieces, tableware is another great way to brighten up the festivities for summertime. Use napkins with summer-worthy patterns, like coral or shells, for a themed touch. Or pair super bright linens with white plates for a cheerful contrast.


Stay tuned for Part 2!

Consulting the Consultants

June 19, 2011

Planning amazing events is what we do with a passion. It’s our desire to provide you, the client, with quality service and attention to detail that leaves you feeling completely satisfied with the end result—along with providing cherished memories you’ll never forget. So needless to say, at Wedding Belles Consultants we take our jobs seriously! Any time a bride-to-be commissions us to help her plan a beautiful big day, we are completely devoted to the task at hand from start to finish. However much or however little assistance you might need, we cater our services to fit your requirements.

Our packages include the ultimate in coordination, where we take care of all the planning and legwork from the moment you become engaged. We also have smaller packages for the remaining two months of your planning period, or even day-of coordinators to ensure that everything runs as smooth as butter when the wedding actually arrives.

Aside from planning and assembling weddings, we’re also here to provide inspiration, motivation, advice and support. Planning a wedding can quickly become a full-time job and not everyone is able to spare that amount of time. Though it’s one of the most important days of your life and you want to be in tune with every detail, you don’t want to run yourself ragged leading up to the big event. But you still want to be in control and be able to trust the people who are helping you along the way, which is what we pride ourselves on. Wedding Belles Consultants is a full-service event coordination resource and we’re ready and waiting to begin assisting you with your dream day. We’re just a phone call away!

Color Coded

June 16, 2011

Bridesmaids, rejoice! No longer are stuffy, uncomfortable, non-cute dresses the run of the mill for wedding wear. There are several new trends for your maids to don, and Wedding Belles has the scoop!

If you’re wanting to stick with the same hue, but are up for different styles, consider the same frock but in various shades. It’ll keep a unified look among your bridesmaids, without sacrificing the type of dress you’ve had your heart set on. It also provides better options for brides of different body types to choose a dress that fits them best. Keep the shoes the same if you really want “matchy matchy,” otherwise let your gals wear their own footwear in a nude color or easy-to-coordinate color like black or ivory.

Another option is to keep with the exact same dress, but change up the color. This adds an unexpected twist to bridesmaid wear and lets your wedding party choose a frock in their favorite color for the big day!

Whatever you decide, don’t forget to contact Wedding Belles Consultants for big day coordination—we’ll bring all the tips and trends you need!


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